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Course Description

World of websites!

In this 30 minute demo session, our IB tutor will show you a sample website created by one of our students in USA. We will also talk about the tools and editors we use to create our HTML code, followed by a question and answer session where all your questions and concerns will be addressed. After you register for the demo class, an IntelliBricks representative will call you with 2 business days to schedule a convenient date and time . A link for the virtual class room will be emailed to you soon after.


  • Introduce your child to the world of coding and game development with the simple and ubiquitous coding language Python.

  • Use of padding, spacing, line height, background color and many other styling attributes in CSS

  • Improving user friendly traits and client side interactivity with JavaScript

  • Walk away with a fully functional and hosted website at the end of 10th class!

  • This class consists of ten, 90 minute classes once or twice a week scheduled according to your convenience


  • Why should I take the IntelliBricks Web Development class?

    Whether you’re playing games, doing some shopping, or watching videos, a website can be a gateway to the world of fun! So being able to make your own is a lucrative, important, and interesting skill! That’s why we’re offering our Website Development class! This class will give your child an introductory level of knowledge in HTML ,CSS and JavaScript, the three coding languages that make up a vast majority of the sites you’ll visit! Knowing these 3 languages will allow you to create websites that can compete even with the most state of art web frameworks. Web design has never been a more important skill, so sign your child up today and walk away with a fully functional and hosted website at the end of 10th class!

  • How do I choose the date and time for the class?

    After you register for the class, IntelliBricks representative will contact you within 2 working days to schedule a convenient date and time for the class.

  • When will I get the links for the virtual class?

    As soon as you decide the dates, the links for the virtual meetings will be posted in your account

  • What software do we use and how do I download?

    Sublime editor should be downloaded for this class. Download instructions can be found at the following link:

  • Is the Sublime Software free?

    Yes Sublime is an editor and it is free.

  • My son is less than 12 year old and we would like to register him for the Web Development Class. Can we do it?

    No, your child has to be 12 years and above to do the IntelliBricks Web Development class. If your child is underage and you register for the wrong class we will not refund the registration fee.

  • Does Web DevelopmentClass have any prerequisites?

    No, this class is designed for children with no coding knowledge.

  • What is the difference between Private and Semi-Private Classes?

    Would you like our IB Tutor’s undivided attention? Private Then our private class type is for you. In these one on one private classes, our tutor will answer your child’s inquisitive​ questions in real time and guide him through various projects, giving in-depth feedback on his learning with continuous encouragement and help on any coding project that your child is working on his/her own interest. Loves to work in PAIR!!! TWO of a Kind??? Semi Private IntelliBricks semi private classes have a student instructor ratio of 2:1. If your child is interested in doing this class with a friend or sibling or if your child thrives with a companion rather than learning alone, then this class is for you. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a friend or sibling who is interested, we will always pair you up with another child who is as like minded and looking forward to happy and fun filled learning sessions as your child.

Get to know our Instructors!

IB Tutor

All IntelliBricks classes are taught by IB tutors, who are held to the highest of standards. IB tutors are hired after a rigorous screening process which involves, screening application, personal interview, teaching skills testing and subject knowledge assessment. Hired instructors are then trained by our IntelliBricks crew in The USA on the IntelliBricks methodology and values. More than all this, to be onboard the IntelliBricks tutor team is, to be a really fun and outgoing person, who is very friendly while engaging our students!

Register for the Demo

Our one on one demo sessions are always free!

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